Parents' Testimonials

Divyashi parents
My daughter has been trained for perfection. A big thank you to all of you. This is our best decision so far by choosing lotus kids for our Divyashi.
Adeeva's Parents
We would like to appreciate your efforts in formation of our child. Adeeva is a good girl and has improved a lot in this very short period. She has improved her spoken ability as well as logical thinking after joining your school. She can speak, sing, write as well . The improvement in this short span is quite commendable. Thanks to Lotus Kids for your continuous effort in helping my child to  improve and excel.
Aishani's ParentsParent
Lotus kids is one of the best pre school in Bhubaneswar. The principal as well as the faculty members are well educated, behave properly and take care of the kids as if they are the parents themselves!. Apart from education extra curricular activities are also conducted at school. Participation of kids is given most importance. The school maintains a good teaching environment. The statue of Lord GANESH as well as the chanting of Mantras at the entrance of the school gate provides more satisfaction both to the parents and students. Classrooms are properly cleaned and arranged with colourful letters, pictures of animals, birds, cartoons and air conditions that they encourage the new learners to go and study here.   Overall the school provides a positive environment in thriving the educational and psychosocial development of the kids
Aahan's Parents
A relative of mine ( who sends her kid to Lotus Kids too) suggested me to enroll my 2.5 yr kid at Lotus Kids. Initially I was a bit reluctant to enroll in full day boarding program. But today, as full time working parents, we feel completely relaxed after dropping our munchkin (Aahan Shine) at Lotus Kids. All the teachers and assistants are always so pleasant and upbeat that they really create a positive environment for the kids. The school is always clean, safe and organized. The meals are very healthy and hygienic and are carefully planned keeping in mind the nutrients necessities of kids. The curriculum is so designed that it helps development of kids not only academically but also spiritually and socially. My kid, who is diagnosed with SPD,  has learnt by leaps and bounds over a period of just 6months. I am really very grateful to the entire team of Lotus Kids, especially the ever lively and loving attitude of all the teachers, care givers and the principal. Thank you Lotus kids for taking such good care of our ‘dil ka tukdas’.
We are very grateful and thankful to all at Lotus kids for giving so much of love and affection to Priyanshi Prerna Brahma and treating her like your own child…..We both are very happy with her progress and activities as well as her behaviour…….. the way she is sharing ,caring for elders, donating her toys and food in orphanage and willing to give others are a few of the qualities she has learnt from Lotus kids….Thanks a lot for all the efforts you are putting in for our child…… We will also give our best to make our baby’s  journey in Lotus kids a successful one. Thank you so much for everything
Soumin's Parent
Soumin Guru had taken admission in lotus kids at the age of 3. It is actually a very difficult phase, but neverthless, our little darling coped up very well and adjusted into his new environment with utmost ease and comfort for all the love, care and attention that was showered upon him during his initial years. Lotus kids has made it very easy for my son to speak in English fluently besides showing interest in writing, dancing and singing rhymes. He has cultivated all good behavior and manners which he has learnt from Lotus kids. He always comes home with a big smile on his face after his day at Lotus Kids. He has  improved in all subjects and has secured flying marks in all assessments. He has learnt more from the school environment than the mere books. High credit goes to Lotus kids staff members for their sincere efforts, guidance, love and care…and lastly thank you so much for giving lots of knowledge and good education with so much of dedication and devotion to all kids.
Ruhaani's Parents
We the parents of Ruhaani Bhura  would like to thank  Lotus kids because my daughter has became very intelligent , smart and little naugty too. We are now very glad to say that she is a student of Lotus kids
Harsita's ParentsParent
A wonderful place for my little angel (Harsita) where she is treated like a beautiful flower. During these extraordinary 3years, Harsita has grown up as a joyful and responsible Child. .Here she gets a chance to unfold her inner talents. Lotus kids has a lot of positivity  which helps young minds to evolve socially and spiritually.