Lotus Kids has great respect for the western philosophies that have been propagated and practiced over a long period of time globally and still evolving to conclude what is best for our children. The best practices from the preschool philosophies has been adapted here where your child will be enjoying freedom to learn while playing hands-on under guidance of the care givers who will be helping them actively and also passively as the situation demands. They will come across numerous
activities, puzzles to sharpen their minds and express emotions fully and will be guided to give their creativity an expression. However these practices are followed by Lotus Kids on the premise that as adults we value our freedom of expression the most. So much so we also believe that our expression of emotions in any manner is the best, right and the ultimate truth irrespective of its acceptance by others. When it comes to our children we always want to control them, discipline them under the pretext of bringing them to right path. In other words we want them to be like us at that tender age.

The first thing to do in order to improve the quality of the child’s consciousness and awareness is to let him/her express freely. One must have enough patience not to react adversely that leaves a deep scar in the mind of the child. And our patience helps the child to get over these negative traits over a period of time. When we allow his mind to flourish by giving him freedom of expression, whether verbal, moral, physical or intellectual, he will grow up to be a very intelligent and creative person.

With the help of proven method of children’s yoga (it involves structured use of sound, art, listening and dreaming) the children will be able to expand their mind and explode it further. We offer 8 hrs of Freedom of Expression with near motherly love on daily basis, which we are sure is a challenging task to provide even in the home atmosphere.

The education of children begins in the mother’s womb (remember its reference in Mahabharat where Abhimanyu learned the technique of breaking open Chakaravyuha while in womb when Arjuna was telling the secret to Subhadra). And the learning continues for whole life. Whatever habit of thought, action and feeling is formed in the early days lasts throughout life. Children learn their first notions from the mother, immediate surroundings, their toys and playmates. These create a permanent impression in their tender consciousness. Hence their early exposure decides their good conduct later on in life. The true education inspires to develop pure love, courage, a sense of duty, balance, devotion, faith, discrimination, tolerance, dispassion and knowledge of the self. Therefore eyes are to be trained to see God in all faces and the unity of the Self in all beings. Ears are to be educated to hear the lofty teachings of scriptures, hymns and prayers. Tongue is to be educated to sing the praise of the Lord and utter loving and truthful words which hurt none. Hands are to be educated to serve the needy, help the poor and nurse the sick. Mind is to be educated to be always cheerful and calm and think of the divine and have a positive outlook irrespective of circumstances. The seed to this education is sown during the age of 0+ to 6/7 years only. The pineal gland is a psychic eye. It represents the psychic consciousness of the child. The health of the pineal gland usually begins to degenerate after the age of seven or eight. With this the child looses purity, innocence and capacity to communicate to the higher consciousness. He becomes more aware of the external environment, conflicts and the moral personality. At this time, the gap between the biological, psychological and emotional development in the child becomes so great that he is often unable to bridge it. It is reflected in many activities of the child which we bracket them as part of growing indiscipline without having any deeper understanding of its cause. Introducing yogic methods like dhyana, bhakti and listening to mantra (sound) helps the child to maintain the health of the pineal gland and growth takes place in a disciplined path. And this foundation is laid at the preschool stage only. This is a finding of yogic science, which is known to many but followed by a few. It is part of Lotus Kids’ philosophy to bring the tradition back.

Children are psychically very sensitive and they respond much better to a transmitted form of knowledge. Their capacity to imbibe is fantastic. It isn’t necessary to tell them all the intellectual or academic details. Nature has provided them with a necessary amount of intuition to know what is good and what is bad. Children of age group 0+ to 6 /7yrs learn through this transmitted form for 24×7, even in their sleep. And even if they seem unaware, everything and every activity around them gets imprinted in their consciousness and are retrieved later in their life. Hence it is important that these inputs be given to them in a planned manner for its maximum benefit later on in their life. If a child is not able to concentrate on his studies, obey his parents or develop
his social consciousness, it does not mean that he is bad. It only means that the faculties of brain, which helps in understanding situations, retain black and white images, memories and reproduce, are less capable at that point of time though it has the potential. It needs readjustment to work efficiently. This road to efficiency can be set at preschool education. The nature, personality and the mindset of a child is like a lump of clay. We can give it any shape we want. All children are born genius. We are only responsible for what they become with time.

Music is one way through which the children can live in totality. Nobody dislikes music. Even all animals like music. Music is not only singing. It is a system in which one is dealing with the mind through sound – the sound of singing, the sound of drum, sitar, violin or guitar. Once the mind is dealing with sound, changes take place in the brain waves. Listening to good music brings happiness and relaxation as it creates a pattern of the brain waves and decongests it.
Children are like pure, clean canvas on which you can paint anything. Some children may resist, but it is our duty to give them exposure to every aspect of life and then only they will be able to make their own choice.
An example of negative programming is that of the child who is doing something not to the liking of mother (it can range from something very silly to any act involving safety concerns). The mother becomes emotional and scolds the child. No child understands the concern. The child is only aware that the person he feels closest to and is totally dependent on has hurt him. The mother has only reacted as per her conditioning that has resulted in fear and anxiety and is programming her child in the same way though unknowingly. The effect on the child is negative and will continue to have influence as he grows up. He also reacts to stressful situations in the same way with fear, shouting, anger and other negative emotions. These give rise to lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure that he encounters as a grown up man.
At Lotus Kids the children will be given exposure to every good thing, whic makes a lasting impression in their consciousness. In the later period of their life it manifests to lead them in the right path so that they lead a happy and successful life.