For Parents

Information for Parents


Children live best when all the adults in their life convey the same message through words, actions and approach.with your support and cooperation we will provide your child a successful, joyful and a dream childhood experience.

The children are free to put on dress of their choice while coming to Lotus Kids. From time to time we shall request dress of particular color to be worn on different days to get them involved in many thematic inputs designed for them.

The school shall provide all activity and learning materials. We shall provide the food & drink during the session (for Day boarders only). Hence the child only needs to get ready for Lotus Kids and walk-in.

We request parents not to use words like ‘school’ for ‘Lotus Kids’. The child is to be told to visit Lotus Kids to meet Friends, Aunties, and Teachers to play rather than going to school to study. The child should find the place interesting and discover that it is a learning center.

Staying Connected


Person to contact :


Phone : +91 9437814014

Email :

You can follow us on :

Facebook :

You will receive almost all correspondence via Whatsaap, E-mail or SMS as these are effective, convenient and environment friendly. Hence any change in email address or phone number be intimated to us.

Parent-Teacher Conference :

These personal meetings are organized once every 3 months to discuss your child’s development, set goals for the next term and update each other on your child’s progress and to incorporate ideas coming from the parents.



Your child will undertake all sorts of messy games and activities including getting into water bodies. Play clothes should be comfortable, appropriate to weather conditions and able to get wet and dirty. They should also be easy to remove for diaper changing and independent toileting.

Arrival and departure


In order to give children enough time to play and greet everyone before we start with our activities it is very important to arrive on time.But we also insist that this should be developed in the child naturally over a period of time by talking to him rather than making the whole experience painful for the child as well as the parents which defeats the purpose of making a happy child.

Pick-up Time


Please let us know in advance if you are going to collect your child earlier than the scheduled pick-up time. Advanced notice gives the Teachers time to prepare your child to be ready and waiting for you.

Lotus Kids Team


Teachers will be facilitating and delivering activity-based lessons in English, Hindi and Odia taking all care to make the child feel comfortable and carefully exposing them to multiple languages.

It also includes :

  • Supervising children during play time, meal time, and nap time
  • Preparing lesson materials
  • Setting up activities
  • Providing children with one-on-one support during instructional time
  • Providing toilet training which is an integral part of preschool education



The curriculum is theme based. Each month covers one major theme relating to events taking place during that time of year. The weeks within each month cover related sub-themes following from one related concept to another. For example we shall talk about monsoon and rain during the month of July and August and everything related to this season like festivals, colour, wildlife, food and much more will be told to your child.

You will be updated through our Whatsaap and Facebook about what your child has been exposed to regularly.

Daily activities:

There are theme-based lesson activities each day, different in length. We offer a good balance of whole group activities, small group activities, partner work, teamwork activities and competitive games. These include audiovisual art, story telling & listening and outdoor games.

Playground time:

All children have playground time every day, weather and pollution permitting. Should the playground remain closed, they will enjoy free playtime in their classroom.

Nap-time and quiet-time

The lunch is served around 13hrs. Nap time and quite time starts after completion of lunch. We will provide your child with tailor made sleeping mattress, a sheet and pillow for nap time. These are changed every 3 days for laundering. They have their personal pillow and sheet.

Food time

The children who remain with us for the whole day and join us for afternoon session are provided with lunch as well. There is a dining hall with kitchen attached for preparation of food so that the children experience eating in a group and develop a healthy and independent eating habit. Our in-house nutritionist takes care of the dietary plan.

Group Safety


The safety of all the children in our care is paramount in all situations.

If a child’s behavior endangers the physical well being of others (such as: biting, hitting etc.) the child will be asked to stop and will be removed from the situation immediately. Parents will be notified and as a last resort if the behavior continues, the school retains the right to request the parents not to send the child to school until such time as the behavior has improved.

Fostering Independence and Good Eating Habits


The safety of all the children in our care is paramount in all situations.

During meal times children are encouraged to develop independence and good eating habits. They learn to eat by themselves and to become good eaters. Children are never force fed or made to eat food they do not wish to eat. The teachers use encouragement (e.g. try a little bite, you might like it) as well as positive language (i.e. we know you can do it). We never use technique of bribery (i.e. if you eat, I will give you a toy or fear

tactics, i.e. we will tell your mom that you didn’t eat) to make children eat. At the same time we ensure that no child remains without taking its share of food.



Parents wishing to give away gifts on their child’s birthday or any other special day can do so by taking permission from the Principal. While the child will be involved in the distribution, no parents will be allowed inside the classroom for the activity that is always considered as intrusion to the children’s world.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing


First aid Training

Every employee has been trained to administer first aid prior to their employment with Lotus Kids. All Care Givers have special skill on the safety and care of toddler and preschool-aged children.

Health screening

In the morning, as students and parents are entering the school, our staff are trained to recognize students sowing signs of illness. If they feel a child might be ill, as a precautionary measure they may tell the parents to take the child back.


In the interest of all children and staff, sick children who are unable to cope with the preschool day will not be allowed. If a child shows signs of illness, please keep him or her at home and inform the school.

Collecting your child

If the child becomes unwell or begins to develop symptoms of ill health, parents will be contacted and asked to collect the child.


Helping identify illness

If your child is unwell and staying at home, please notify us. Informing us about your child’s symptoms may help to identify outbreaks occurring in school. Preventive action can be taken to help other parents and children as well.


Obtaining a Doctor’s letter

Children who have been sick with any contagious disease (e.g. chickenpox, viral fever, conjectibites etc. must obtain a letter from their doctor before they return to school, verifying that they are fit for school.

Hand washing

Children’s hands are washed with sanitisers each morning on arrival, before eating, after using the WC, when coming in from outside play, and after completing messy crafts or projects. Support Staffs’ hands are washed before setting the table and handling food, before feeding a child, after assisting a child using the toilet, after handling tissues that have body secretions, and whenever else required.

Hands are always dried to alleviates germs from spreading. We use sanitizing liquids liberally to take care of the hygiene.


WC policy

Only female staff members will accompany students to the WC, assist with toilet training, and change diapers.


Toilet Training

Training takes both school and home participation.Toilet training at Lotus Kids is given as part of a natural process with care for nurturing good habits and hygiene.

Fire safety : Fire Drill Procedures

All staff are updated on the current Fire Drill procedures at the start of each term.