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1. Lotus Kids is the biggest daycare center and preschool in
Odisha in terms of size and facilities.
2. Lotus Kids takes care of the dietary requirements of your child planned by our nutritionist for the entire day.
3. Depending on your requirement we maintain a flexible timing.Your child can arrive early and can be kept at the center beyond normal timing with diet taken care of.
4. We shall like to accommodate your special requirement of
daycare of your child as far as possible. Hence please feel free to share it with us.
5. We welcome special needs children.




The school does not have transportation facility.

Overstaying in the school:

On request the child can be held back in the school beyond      stipulated  hours (till 06.00PM) with ‘Extra Care’ with food taken care of. (No overnight staying facility is available).Request must come from the parents through registered email address or mobile.Parents have to adhere to this due to security concern.

Food for Dayboarders:

No child is required to bring any food items or water from home. We serve variety tiffin, snacks, juices/ milk and many more and maintain a healthy change every day. Our in-house nutritionist and specialist cooks take care of the food requirement of all children during their stay in Lotus Kids.

The children who join for the whole day are served lunch with post lunch siesta. The children who join us after completion of their school elsewhere or only for afternoon session are provided with lunch and snacks during their stay with us.

We welcome ‘Mothers’ to share their expertise in preparing time-tested recipes for all the children in our kitchen. Special arrangement is made so that it is made in our kitchen under their supervision and guidance.


Every child is unique. Hence we have done away with uniform here. The children should put on dress as fancy and as beautiful as possible. At times we prescribe dress of a particular colour to be worn on a particular day to help us in conducting our theme-based activity.


Every room is fitted with CCTV camera and the entire premise of Lotus Kids is under surveillance 24×7.

Healthcare :

First Aid facility is available along with trained staff to handle all eventualities. In case of any emergency, if any child faces health related issues while in Lotus Kids, the child will be shifted to Appolo Hospital, Bhubaneswar for treatment.

We also call parents to take the kid for personal care.

The School Building:

The School Building has been aesthetically planned with cheerful bright classrooms. Each area of the building is air-conditioned to maintain hygiene and provides a dust free comfort time to the children. Every classroom is a workshop in itself making the children more inquisitive preparing them to be a self-learner.

Self Exploration Zones:

We strive to acquaint the children with the outside world and bring them closer to nature. Our Activity Center is loaded with puzzles, toys, abacus and other fun-filled activities to cater to the child’s innovative and creative needs and enhance an opening to a whole new world of imagination.

Simulated Learning Environment
A well designed garden


24 high-resolution IP static code cameras have beenput at pivotal places covering the entire buildingarea both inside and outside for 24×7 live monitoringof school premise.

Parents Club:

PARENTING SEMINARS are conducted from time to time to give the parents an insight into positive parenting. PARENT-TEACHER MEETINGS are a regular feature, which enable the parents to know about their child’s progress from time to time and give their valuable feed backs. We invite parents to share their skills with other children so that everyone is benefited in the process.